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Designated collections

A number of our collections have won recognition as having outstanding national and international importance through the Designation Scheme. Designation is a mark of distinction. It celebrates unique collections that are iconic, authentic and of the finest quality, resourced with sophisticated expert management and set in aspirational and creative organisations. This accolade recognises the essential contribution the collections make to England's cultural identity and heritage. Five collections at Leeds University Library Special Collections have been recognised in this way.

English Literature Collection

This encompasses a huge range of the holdings of Special Collections, across many individual rare book, manuscript and archive collections. Details of these can be found in Subject strengths, items are featured in the Treasures tour and a number of Specialist catalogues allow detailed searching of the holdings.

Leeds Russian Archive

The Leeds Russian Archive is a major international resource for the study of Anglo-Russian relations in the 19th and 20th centuries, and of Russian emigres in that period, especially literary figures. Constituents include the world's largest archives for the authors Ivan Bunin (Nobel laureate) and Leonid Andreev, and the extensive archive of the emigre organisation Zemgor.
Russian and Slavonic Studies Collections guide

Liddle Collection

This consists of first-hand individual experiences of the First and Second World Wars. The archive includes original letters and diaries, official and personal papers, photographs, newspapers and artwork, as well as written and tape-recorded recollections.

Cookery Collection

Represents a major resource, not just in the subject of cookery, but food production, medicine, gardening and household management. It consists of printed books and manuscript volumes, rare and popular works, concentrating on British publications and on works published before 1861 as well as French and British cookery up until the 1930s. The collection has grown to over 3,000 volumes.
Food Science and Nutrition Collections guide

Romany Collection

This is one of the two principal library and archive collections in the UK devoted to the history of Gypsies and related traveller groups - the other being at Liverpool University Library. While particularly important for Gypsy studies it is essentially interdisciplinary. Its relevance to contemporary travellers themselves is explored, the relationship of Gypsies with the rest of society being an enduring social issue.