Leeds University Library

Ethical and legal

Intellectual property rights advice, both from the University and more generally

Document showing Leeds copyright notice


Research ethics: guidance on research ethics from the University of Leeds and external sources both nationally and internationally

Good research practice and research ethics: University of Leeds guide to the ethical review process and institutional policies on research ethics

Publication of research results: Guidance is contained in this University policy document, as outlined in the Research Handbook.

Intellectual property rights (PDF): Guidance is provided in this University policy document.

Data protection: Guidance is provided in the University code of practice on data protection.

Copyright and licences: advice and guidance for all members of the University.

Referencing: guidance from the University of Leeds Library on how to cite references in the body of your text and bibliography in your research paper

Plagiarism and how to avoid it: University of Leeds Plagiarism Awareness website

Understanding and avoiding plagiarism: Skills@Library plagiarism webpage

Copyright for research: All expressions of original thought and creativity are subject to copyright regardless of the medium used. The University of Leeds Library webpages provides advice and guidance on these issues

Training and development opportunities

Workshops and courses on research ethics: SDDU workshops and courses are available on various topics relating to research ethics

Workshops on Copyright law: provided by the University's Copyright Officer