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Examinations (lecturers)

Teaching resources to help you to develop your students' skills. You can adapt these materials to suit your own needs; see the link below for more details about acknowledging Skills@Library.

Using our resources
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Workshops: lesson plans, slides and handouts

The Preparing for exams workshop looks at common exam revision pitfalls and how students can overcome them, as well as discussing techniques for revision, and managing time during the exam.

Individual face-to-face activities

This short presentation on multiple choice exams highlights some of the challenges and gives students strategies to cope with them.

You could use this alongside our test activity using the teaching notes to highlight common pitfalls.

Online activities for independent or blended learning

The exam skills tutorial is designed to help students identify strengths and weaknesses through a range of interactive activities. We have also provided some teaching notes to give an idea of how the tutorial could be incorporated into your teaching.

At the end of the tutorial, students are directed to more specific resources on the Exam skills (students) page.

Supporting resources: books, journals and websites

The LearnHigher Assessment tutor resource helps educators develop and deliver student workshops on assessment. The multi-media resource includes suggested workshop content, ice-breakers, activities, and FAQs.

SDDU runs a course on exams and assessment for University of Leeds staff; visit their A-Z course listings page for details of the assessment and feedback workshop.

Hamilton, D. 1999. Passing exams: a guide for maximum success and minimum stress. London: Cassell

This is easy to read, with a lot of background information. It is heavy on text so your students would probably need to read a whole chapter at a time to benefit. It has some practical advice with an especially good section on deciding what to cover in revision. It also has a good section on relaxation techniques.

Evans, M. 2004. How to pass exams every time. Oxford: How To Books

A brief guide and an easy read, this book could be a useful introduction to the subject. It has checklists at the end of each chapter and highlight boxes emphasising key points. The chapter on techniques for the day of the exam is particularly useful.

For more ideas and suggestions for activities to develop your students' skills, take a look at the time management and notemaking resources from LearnHigher.

Both resources provide activities related to exams.