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Group work (lecturers)

Teaching resources to help you to develop your students' skills. You can adapt these materials to suit your own needs; see the link below for more details about acknowledging Skills@Library.

Using our resources
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Workshops: lesson plans, slides and handouts

These workshops run for an hour each and can be run back to back if time allows.

The first workshop introduces the challenges of group work, seeking possible solutions through discussion.

The second workshop is more in depth, considering the theory of group work as well as practical aspects.

We suggest that attendance at workshop 1 be a prerequisite for workshop 2.

Group working session 1: Getting started
This workshop introduces the basics of effective group working.

Group working session 2: Theory and practice
This workshop considers the theory of group work and looks at some of the issues and challenges faced in practice.

Individual face-to-face activities

Self evaluation
Helps students consider what they do well when working in a group situation as well as the areas they could improve on.

Group behaviour
This video-based activity highlights some of the behaviours inherent in a group situation.

Shows students the relevance of the group-work skills gained at university in a work situation.

Online activities for independent or blended learning

Making group work work

This extensive online resource includes video clips and discussion points to help students manage the challenges of group work.

There are ten episodes, each focusing on a different challenge.

Further activities are on the Group work (students) page.

Supporting resources: books, journals and websites

Staff and Departmental Development Unit
support for University of Leeds staff

Skills@Library resources are designed to help you to develop your students' group-working skills.

To develop your own group working skills, SDDU runs several workshops.


Hartley, P. and Dawson, M. 2010. Success in groupwork. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Levin, P. 2005. Successful teamwork: for undergraduates and taught postgraduates working on group projects. Maidenhead: Open University Press.

Douglas, T. 1978. Basic groupwork. London: Tavistock Publications.

Websites and online resources

A range of resources for students to help them assess and develop their group working skills.

University of South Australia
Looks at the common characteristics of team working and identifies the issues that might occur.

Pennsylvania State University
Guidance for student teams from Penn State University.

LearnHigher Group work tutor resource
A resource to help educators develop and deliver student workshops on group work. The multi-media resource includes suggested workshop content, ice-breakers, activities, and FAQs. 

For further ideas and activities to develop student group-working skills, take a look at the listening and interpersonal skills and oral communication resources from LearnHigher.