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Teaching resources to help you to develop your students' skills. You can adapt these materials to suit your own needs; see the link below for more details about acknowledging Skills@Library.

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Workshops: lesson plans, slides and handouts

Taking numerical tests

Many graduate employers use psychometric tests as part of their recruitment process, and some students find the numerical reasoning papers particularly difficult.

The Taking numerical tests (PDF) workshop explains the format of these tests, how they work, and the type of maths questions students can expect them to contain.

Skills@Library maths support

Use these maths support slides to introduce your students to the support available at Skills@Library.

Individual face-to-face activities

Percentages and fractions card loops (PDF)
A series of classroom activities to improve students' numeracy skills.

Fractions - spot the mistake (PDF)
An activity involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of fractions.

Statistics card sort (PDF)
This activity is about stem and leaf diagrams.

Venn diagram (PDF)
A mathematical ice-breaker activity involving Venn diagrams.

Online activities for independent or blended learning

Skills@Library has two websites to support students with their maths.

The topics covered range from basic numeracy and algebra to calculus and complex numbers.

Both of these can be used independently by your students, or you can link to specific areas from your VLE modules.

Maths solutions
This site is a collection of short video clips illustrating maths problems known to challenge students.

Maths quizzes
A collection of diagnostic tests in a range of maths areas. The tests are designed for students to use as revision and consolidation, and can be used in tandem with the Maths solutions website.

Further activities are on the Improve your maths (students) page.

Supporting resources: books, journals and websites


Maths Tutor
Tutorials, diagnostic tests and exercises on a range of maths topic areas. 

Math Centre
Resources include leaflets, handouts, online tests, video tutorials and mobile videos. The resources are categorised both by maths topic and by course.

Khan Academy
This site has over 1,800 video tutorials on a huge variety of mathematical topics.

Maths for Nurses PDF booklets

The following were created for nursing students, and include information, examples and exercises. All have been adapted with permission from the Hull Study Advice Service.

Essential numeracy for nurses (PDF)

Fractions and decimals (PDF)

Unit conversion and dosage calculation (PDF)

Hull's Study Advice Service website has many more similar study guides.