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Presentation skills (lecturers)

Teaching resources to help you to develop your students' skills. You can adapt these materials to suit your own needs; see the link below for more details about acknowledging Skills@Library.

Using our resources
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Workshops: lesson plans, slides, handouts

Here are two examples of presentation skills workshops. Although different in style they both deliver the same message; the importance of knowing your audience, delivering a clear message, using appropriate media and being confident with your delivery style.

Both workshops include a lesson plan and links to supporting handouts and activities.

Workshop one
This is a two-hour workshop which includes individual and group presentations and feedback opportunity.

Workshop two

This is a one-hour workshop which includes an activity on individual presentations and feedback.

Individual face-to-face activities

One minute presentations
This activity is designed to give students the opportunity to stand up and present and is ideal when the session time does not allow for group presentations.

Group presentations
This activity is designed to give students the opportunity to prepare and deliver a group presentation.

Both of the above activities provide suggested ideas for topics on which your students can deliver their presentations.

Self audit
This activity helps students to consider their strengths and weaknesses in various areas of presentation skills.

Sample presentations
Here are some example presentations you might want to use in your teaching to demonstrate good practice. These clips were filmed as part of Queen Mary's Junk the Jargon competition.

Online activities for individual or blended learning

Presentation skills tutorial

This tutorial is designed to help students identify strengths and weaknesses through a range of interactive activities. On completion of the tutorial students are directed to further, more specific resources within the presentation skills topic page.

Voice exercises

Tips from a professional on voice control. This video-based activity shows by example how voice control can improve presentations

Further online activities can be found on the presentation skills student page.

Supporting resources: books, journals and websites

The LearnHigher video resources on Listening and interpersonal skills and Group work both provide activities related to presentation skills.

They include workshops, ice-breakers, classroom activities, FAQs and tips on running these worshops that you may like to build into your teaching.