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Development of the new search facility

Special Collections is creating a single catalogue for all of its archive and manuscript collections. As records are incorporated, they will be made available here for searching and browsing. Many records will be available online for the first time. This is a major task which will take several months to complete. Please see our search page for help on finding material in Special Collections.

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Basic search:
  • Enter one or more words into the search box
  • Letter case does not matter. Eg 'First Aid' is the same as 'first aid'
  • Word order does not matter. Eg 'aid first' will match the same records as 'first aid'
  • Records are returned that contain all of the entered words. Eg 'aid first' will return only those records that contain both 'aid' and 'first'
  • If the word order matters, enter a phrase within double quotes, eg "first aid"
  • If you are not sure of spelling, use * to match any characters. Eg brown* matches brown, browne, browning...
  • If not already visible, select the 'Search options' link to show further refinements:
    • 'Search for' - to select which part of a record to search
    • 'Level' - to select what level of an archive to search