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The Collections guide is an A-Z listing with links to more detailed catalogue records for a range of printed books and archives in Special Collections. Our Archival handlists are included in the guide.

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Chaston Chapman Brewing

Printed books

Mr Chaston Chapman collected works for two libraries; his working library, based at his laboratory in London, and a private, historical collection. Subjects include brewing and the brewing industry, wine and winemaking, beer, distillation and distilling industry, drinking customs, liquors, ciders and whiskey, and legal issues surrounding alcohol. The brewing section represents part of Mr Chaston Chapman's library, along with the Chaston Chapman Royal Society collection, which concerns books of a more scientific nature. The collection contains works on brewing and alcohol which date from 1578, with A Perfite platforme of a Hoppe Garden, to 1986.

Chaston Chapman Royal Society

Printed books

Consists mainly of sets of the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London for the improving of natural knowledge from the founding of the Society in the 1660s onwards, along with some later histories and memoirs of the Society. There are also early texts on alchemy such as Roger Bacon's The Mirror of Alchimy, 1597, and Dutch and German works on chemical lore, hermetic philosophy, astrology and religion.


Printed books

Principally made up from two separate collections. Blanche Legat Leigh, Lady Mayoress of Leeds, made a gift in 1939 of cookery books which included not only historical works published in Britain but also a large number of foreign, particularly Italian and French, works on cookery. John F Preston made another major gift in 1962. Among many other smaller gifts and bequests is that of over 100 Chinese cookery books, presented by Frank and Margaret Leeming. This collection contains works which date from the late 15th century until the present day on a variety of subjects, including gastronomy, home economics, medicine, confectionery, recipes, menus, and vegetarianism.