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Copyright for teaching

Copyright law applies to the vast majority of materials used in teaching. There is no general, all encompassing legal right to use materials for educational purposes without restrictions.

There are a number of ways, allowed in law, that materials can be used for teaching with certain restrictions. The University also subscribes to a number of blanket licences which enable teaching staff to use a broad range of materials.

Where possible use open-access or Creative Commons materials in accordance with the terms of any licence. 

Lecture slide

You can use a limited amount of a work for the purposes of illustration for instruction subject to fair dealing. You may also request items from books and articles not on the CLA excluded works list to be scanned to include in lecture slides. 

See more about copyright and lecture slides.


You can make multiple photocopies, under the CLA photocopying and scanning licence, for your students from books and journals not on the CLA excluded works list. This includes the compiling of course packs.

See more about copyright and handouts.


You can request items to be scanned from books and journals not on the CLA excluded works list and made available for students in the VLE using the Online Course Readings service.

See more about copyright and the VLE.


You can make a single copy of a limited amount of a work for the purposes of examination subject to fair dealing. Copyright material should be removed if the exam question is subsequently published or digitised and made available to other students.