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Key databases for Education

If you need to find journal articles about a subject that you are researching or studying, it is important to search journal databases. Type your topic into the search screen of the database to obtain a list of relevant journal articles, and remember to look at help screens or Library guides to make the most of what is on offer.

Below is a list of journal databases which are most often used in Education. You can also see a complete list of databases for Education available from the Library.

British Education Index (BEI)

Provides references on research, policy and practice in education and training in the UK. Particular strengths include aspects of educational policy and administration, evaluation and assessment, technology and special educational needs. The database covers 1975 to the present and is updated monthly.


Covers nursing and allied health. Search for journal articles, books, dissertations and conference proceedings.

Guide to using CINAHL

ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center)

Covers literature worldwide but with an American focus. It is sponsored by the US Department of Education to provide extensive access to education-related literature. It covers 1966 to date, and is updated monthly.

Guide to using ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center)

HMIC (Health Management Information Consortium)

Brings together the bibliographic databases of two UK health and social care management organisations: Dept. of Health (DH-Data) and King's Fund. HMIC enables you to search for journal articles, books, Department of Health policy documents and unpublished material in the area of UK and international health and social care management and policy. The two HMIC databases are updated six times a year and records go back to 1983. A free current awareness service provides email alerts to newly added content.

Guide to using HMIC (Health Management Information Consortium)


Search for journal articles and other reference types in medicine, dentistry and nursing, including biomedicine, medicine, nursing, dentistry, allied health, pre-clinical sciences. This includes material from across the biological and environmental sciences, psychology, and chemistry. The database is updated frequently and can be searched back to 1950. A current awareness service provides alerts for newly added content.

Guide to using Medline


Contains journal articles, books, dissertations and theses in core psychology disciplines, behavioural sciences and mental health. It covers 1881 to the present day. A current awareness service provides alerts for newly added content. Updated weekly.

Guide to using PsycINFO

Teachers TV

An online collection of streaming video for training and developing teachers. Research-based professional development video resources containing teaching demonstrations, lectures, documentaries, and primary-source footage of students and teachers in actual classrooms. Part of the Education in Video resource.

Guide to using Teachers TV

Web of Science

Search for journal articles using three databases; Science Citation Index, Social Science Citation Index and Arts and Humanities Citation Index. A current awareness service provides citation alerts for newly added journal articles. Each database is updated weekly.

Guide to using Web of Science