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A selection of Mrs Beeton books on display in the 'Cooks and their Books' exhibition Event icon

Date: Saturday 14 Oct 2017

Location: Treasures of the Brotherton Gallery, Parkinson Court

Time: 10:30 - 12:30

Cost: Free, booking required

Artist Catherine Bertola and historian Rachel Rich introduce some nineteenth-century cookery and domestic advice books and explain how this subject has influenced their research and practice.

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Victorian women could access and own many cookbooks, covering all aspects of cooking. What they did with them is not always clear, as Dr Rachel Rich of Leeds Beckett University explores in this session. However, what is clear is that the authors of recipes books used them for more than to instruct about cooking. 

In the case of Mrs Beeton's famous Book of Household Management (1861), the book was a set of instruction guiding a woman's movements through every moment of her married life. In this session, you will get to have a look inside some nineteenth-century cookbooks, and discuss their history and the part they tried to play in women's lives. 

Artist Catherine Bertola will then introduce you to her practice, and show some artworks inspired by the content of books like the ones held in the Leeds University Library Special Collections.

This talk is free, but spaces are limited so booking is essential.

To book your place, please visit our online booking system:

For further information please contact the Gallery by email: gallery@leeds.ac.uk or telephone: (0113) 343 9803