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White Rose Collaborative Collection Management

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White Rose University libraries are working with OCLC to map and analyse library collections to discover collection strengths and duplication.

The White Rose Libraries Collaborative Collection Management project is trying a new way to map and analyse print collections, in order to improve how libraries manage space and collections.

The project builds on a long history of collaborative activity between the libraries of the White Rose Universities of Leeds, York and Sheffield.

For each library there is a significant amount of material that is not used or has very low use. Working together, the libraries aim to identify opportunities for sharing access to such low use material. The aim is to preserve access to materials for our students and researchers, whilst minimising the costs associated with storing and preserving print collections.

The analysis will show where each library has particular strengths and will highlight those areas of stock which have a high degree of duplication. Usage statistics will also show which collections are most heavily used. The aim is to ensure that we focus our preservation efforts most effectively.

The libraries will use the GreenGlass decision support application from OCLC Sustainable Collection Services. The White Rose Libraries are the first group outside the US to use GreenGlass. OCLC are a US-based international library services company.

Mapping collections started in Spring 2016. We hope to have useable data by August 2016. The next steps will be reviewed with the other White Rose libraries in the Autumn 2016.