Leeds University Library

Pip Dickens: New work. 18 January - 14 April 2012

Published 18 January 2012

Detail from The Shadow Followers, Copyright Pip Dickens

Drawing inspiration from the Michael Sadler Kashmir Shawl Collection at ULITA, this exhibition shows new paintings and works on paper commissioned from the contemporary artist Pip Dickens

Pip Dickens develops the Kashmiri 'boteh' motif from these exotic fabrics, creating entities heavy with shadow, and placed within dramatic environments. These motifs traverse the canvas - sometimes together, sometimes alone. Her work fuses the theatrical and the fantastic with the colour, surface texture, repetition and shape of the textiles.

Influenced by the imagery and technique of Hieronymus Bosch, Disney animation and the claustrophobic 'arena' interiors of Francis Bacon, Dickens presents her boteh shapes as individuals, or groups, in socio-political contexts that, although brightly coloured suggest an underlying threat or sense of isolation.

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