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Special Project: Upstream by Trudi Entwistle

Published 10 September 2013

'Burn' by Trudi Entwistle. © The Artist

Site-specific works by artist Trudi Entwistle created throughout her artist in residence project with flagship cross-disciplinary research centre water@leeds.

9 September - 28 September 2013

Trudi Entwistle has been working as artist in residence with water@leeds at the University for the last twelve months. Established in order to bring together artists, scientists and engineers the residencey has initiated creative exploration into the unique character of the upland landscape of the West Yorkshire and South Pennine area. The outcome, Upstream, will showcase Trudi's changing perspective of this landscape based upon dialogue with fellow scientists studying the area; in turn depicting the natural rhythms and processes found within this landscape. Captured in large-format prints, these works will be accompanied by a selection of smaller works, drafts, notes and sketches, offering a close insight into the artistic processes embedded within Trudi's practice. 

The central tenet of water@leeds is an interdisciplinary approach to understanding and hence solving, major water issues. It is the largest interdisciplinary centre for water research in the UK, encompassing expertise from across the physical, biological, chemical, social and economic sciences as well as engineering and the arts. The team comprises some 150 professionals from across the different departments and faculties of the University of Leeds, ensuring a cross-section of expertise from different disciplinary backgrounds as well as encouraging a broader dissemination of information and awareness on developments within the field.

Trudi is a senior lecturer in Landscape Architecture at Leeds Metropolitan University and practices both as an artist and landscape architect. Her site-specific artwork lies somewhere between the boundaries of land art, sculpture and design. She investigates how sculptural forms integrate with their surroundings, interacting with human movement and the changing elements of light, weather, natural growth and decay.

Trudi's residency with water@leeds was funded by The Leverhulme Trust Artist in Residence scheme.

Associated events

Moving Waters: Dance and Music Workshop with Gerry Turvey and Daniel Weaver
Saturday 28 September 2013 13:30 - 16:00
Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery