Leeds University Library

Special Displays: The Unsurpassed Oriental Art - The Painting and Calligraphy of Gu Feng

Published 30 October 2013

photography of Gu Feng © the artist

A week long Chinese Painting and Calligraphy exhibition by Gu Feng, for The University of Leeds Business Confucius Institute and The Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery.

Monday 25th November - Saturday 30th November 2013

Orgnaised in collaboration with the first year anniversary of The University of Leeds, Business Confucius Institute, the gallery will be hosting a spceial display of work by contemporary Chinese Painter and Calligrapher Gu Feng. The exhibition continues outside the gallery into Parkinson Court.

Gu Feng takes inspiration from the work of Confucius, an ancient Chinese sage, who was an advocate of both ideological and cultural exchanges as well as mutual respect between countries and individuals.  Through Gu Feng's artwork, there is a strong desire to act as envoy of Chinese culture and facilitate cultural exchanges between China and the United Kingdom.

Gu Feng artistic career began during his education in the Arts Department of Guangxi Normal University and Fine Art Department of Jilin College of Arts respectively from 1980 to 1986. Following his formal education, Gu Feng spent a decade visiting many of China's most striking natural wonders, from the great rivers of China's interior to the towering Tibetan Plateau. During this time he became deeply affected by the works of a variety of ancient and contemporary calligraphy Artists, especially Fan Zeng. These experiences caused Gu Feng to abandon oil painting and turn his attention to calligraphy and other traditional Chinese art forms. Currently, Gu Feng is working on a series of pieces based on the life and works of the ancient Chinese sage Confucius, incorporating both the sage's traditional ideology and many of China's awe-inspiring ancient landscapes.

The exhibition will open on Monday 25th November with a special launch and introduction to the show from the Institute's Director Professor Peter Buckley and a representative from Gu Feng's studio. More information about this free event can be found here.

A week long programme of events organised by the Confucius Institute will be taking place on Campus. The Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery will also be holding a Saturday workshop inspired by this display, on Saturday 23rd November.