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Special Display: Diverse Encounters

Published 27 March 2014

Ann Seabourne, Detail from Blue Hamm Baths Stars and Reflections 2013. © The Artist

Taking place across two University locations this special display, inspired by the Alhambra, Granada, unites the work of painter Ann Seabourne and composer Peter Seabourne.

Monday 16th June - Thursday 31st July 2014

The Alhambra, Granada is at the heart of this project which presents interrelated visual and musical compositions inspired by experiences of this intensely evocative location.

Since separate visits four years ago by Peter and Ann, an ongoing dialogue between musical and visual forms developed, cross-pollinating in a variety of ways, constantly challenging and regenerating independent interpretations which, like the Alhambra itself, have become multi layered in colour, mood and meaning.

Works in this exhibition explore the Alhambra at different times of year. The complex colour structures of architecture, foliage, water, pattern, light, and texture combine with thoughts of lives lived within its confines. Potential compositions, identified on site, gradually form as  expressive equivalents in paint. A response to place, through line, edge, gesture, mark, contrasts in tone and hue, united within a compositional framework. This is a precarious, risk taking process. Many possibilities lie beneath the surface of each work, until a convincing motif finally reveals itself.

A substantial piano cycle called "Arabesques" evolved alongside the works displayed in The Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery and the Foyer Gallery in Clothworkers Court. A number of its nine movements drew inspiration from the paintings; others developed in dialogue, and some looked more directly back to the composer's own experience. Whilst atmosphere and subject matter were central, other aspects of the paintings offered interesting stylistic and formal musical possibilities. 

The two art forms shared a bi-directional interplay whilst freely finding their own visions. Neither is a translation of the other, but each is enriched and informed though their shared evolution.

A Preview Event and Premiere Recital will take place on Sunday 15th June in the Foyer Gallery of the Clothworkers Hall

This afternoon event will be in ' three movements':

From 1.30pm -  Private View of the exhibition in the Foyer Gallery of the Clothworkers Hall.

3.00pm - A dialogue between composer and painter, exploring their diverse encounters, followed  by a Spanish themed recital including the premiere of the piano cycle 'Arabesques'' with projected  images of related paintings, performed by Michael Bell. Tickets for this event can be purchased here.

An accompanying CD,' Steps Vol. 3: Arabesques' and an illustrated book, detailing the evolution of the project will be on sale.

Associated events

©Ann Seabourne, Detail from Blue Hamam Baths Stars and reflections,2013
Diverse Encounters: Opening Reception & Concert
Sunday 15 June 2014 13:30
The Clothworkers Centenary Hall and Foyer Gallery
©Ann Seabourne, Detail from Blue Hamam Baths Stars and reflections,2013
Rescheduled! Afternoon tea with an artist!
Saturday 26 July 2014 14:00 - 16:00
The Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery