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Published 21 May 2014

John Atkinson Grimshaw, Briggate, c.1880, ©The University of Leeds Art Collection

Often described as "God's own County" Yorkshire possesses such character. This new themed display takes a look at one of the nation's largest counties from a series of intimate and unique view points.

Opens Wednesday 28th May 2014 

As everyone in and around Leeds celebrates all things Yorkshire and we await the start of the Tour de France from Leeds City Centre on 5th July, the cultural bodies across the county have been promoting the diverse and talented array of art and culture within the county's cities, towns, and villages, under the title of the Yorkshire Festival.

This got us to thinking about our own collections of art works which record Leeds and its environs from a unique range of perspectives; about those works made and left in Yorkshire, left in our care! As we sifted through works on paper and photographs, gazed through racks of paintings and knelt on the floor trawling through hundreds of pamphlets and items of ephemera in the University Library's Special Collections it struck home the vast range of landscapes, lives and histories that reside within Yorkshire and its communities.

This small display offers a view onto the world that is Yorkshire and attempts to illustrate some of the most intimate and varied perspectives of the county from a range of vantage points. From the tourist arriving in Yorkshire in the early 1900's, to the artist in residence in Leeds during the 1960's, the labourers deep in the wilds of the North York Moors, the locals, the students, the commuters. Each and every image tells a different story, every one worth looking at and listening to carefully.

To find out more about the Yorkshire Festival and the many events taking place across the county visit their website. For more information about the Grand D├ępart click here.

The Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery will be hosting its own celebrations on Saturday 5th July with a specially themed make-your-own-souvenir workshop. Come and join us for free and make something to take home with you as a reminder of this momentous day and as a souvenir of this wonderfully unique and varied county of Yorkshire.

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Suzie Evans event Marie Hartley Rounding up Sheep on Grassington Moor © Marie Hartley Estate
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Saturday 12 July 2014 13:30 - 16:00
The Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery
Vanessa Bell, Still Life (Triple Alliance), 1914, © Estate
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Saturday 9 August 2014 14:00 - 16:00
The Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery