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The Art of Baking: Cake Making and Bread Baking through the Ages

Published 06 January 2015

illustration from Mrs Beeton’s Everyday Cookery and Housekeeping Book

From a cheesecake recipe dating back to 1719, to '1916 Trench Cake' and 21st Century celebrity chefs, take a peek at some gems from the Library's wonderful batch of cookery books!

Friday 16 January - Saturday 21 March 2015

With baking set to continue to dominate the nation's leisure time in 2015, what better time to delve into the stacks at the University Library and discover some of the nationally renowned baking related material held here, within the Library's Special Collections.

Recipes weird and wonderful, new, old, faithful and plain disgusting, feature in this small display which highlights the wealth of material held at the University relating to the nation's new favourite pastime - baking! 

Follow the development of cheesecake making from 1719 to 1833, on into the First and Second World Wars and then to the 21st Century when the American style cheesecake becomes the norm. Or plot the changing history of Layer Cakes, Gingerbread and the making of the good old fashioned 'loaf.' Experience too, the ways that writing about and instructing on techniques and methods develops over the years from scant detail to gaudy pictures to tasteful photographic documentation and unique illustration.

Pen and ink illustrations by illustrator Tom Hovey, the man behind the artwork produced  for the Great British Bake Off, will accompany our choice picks from the University's Collections.

There is sure to be something to appeal to all tastes in this display which opens in the Education Room on Friday 16 January. Look out for our tea and cake, and baking themed events taking place over the coming months too.

Bon Appetit! Enjoy!

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