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Special Displays: From The University of Leeds MA Art Gallery and Museum Studies Students 2016

Published 18 October 2016

MA Museum & Art Gallery Student 2016 Display

In October every year the Education Room becomes home to two special displays when two groups of MA students from Art Gallery and Museum Studies take over and create brand new interpretations.

The two groups of student curators, from the MA Art Gallery and Museum Studies course at the University of Leeds, have worked with the University of Leeds' Art Collection to create two unique displays in the Education Room of the Gallery.

Marie Hartley: A Glimpse of Yorkshire 

This exhibition will showcase a selection of the vast number of artworks by Marie Hartley in the University's art collection. Taking in the sights of Yorkshire through her watercolours, ink drawings and photographs, visitors are encouraged to continue Hartley's work by exploring, researching, and documenting the region for themselves.

Marie Hartley (1905-2006) was a Yorkshire-born artist, illustrator and author who contributed to a number of books relating to the history, culture, and geography of her home.

Hartley dedicated her life to recording and preserving the heritage and traditions of Yorkshire. With her close friend, Ella Pontefract, she purchased a large number of artefacts that documented these historical traditions and after Pontefract's untimely death in 1945, Hartley continued this work with Joan Ingilby. These objects became the main collection at the Dales Countryside Museum in Hawes, which was founded by Hartley and Ingilby.

Hartley's passion and love for the region is evident in her illustrations that are featured in around forty books she worked on in her lifetime. Three of these books will be displayed in this exhibition at the Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery.

Visitors are asked to share their own experiences of Yorkshire via #MariesYorkshire on Twitter and Facebook.

Creating Communities: The Secret Lives of Sculptures

This display shows the development of a selection of public sculptures, all of which have become a part of campus life at the University of Leeds. It focuses on work by the following artists: Quentin Bell, Mitzi Cunliffe, William Chattaway and Keith Wilson. 

In comparison with traditional art gallery shows, public art occupies a unique position within the art world. It has become an essential and recognized part of our public history and our ever-evolving culture. It adds value to cities and a sense of uniqueness to a community. As a community with a long history, the University of Leeds is a public space for artists to present their artworks and for students to engage with them and with the campus itself. 

This display shows the development of a selection of campus sculptures, focusing on four artists: Quentin Bell, Mitzi Cunliffe, William Chattaway and Keith Wilson. It presents unseen sketches and models of the artists' work and the stories behind them. These sculptures have become place makers, meeting points and conversation starters to many passers-by and are key in developing interaction and engagement between students and the wider community. 

The students' displays will be on from 29 October - 28 January 2017. 

Image: Left, Artwork by Jacob Bennett 2016. Inspired by Marie Hartley's style and work; Right, Keith Wilson, Sign for Art (Stelae), 2014