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Dreams and Visions: Imagining the Unconscious

Published: 19 September 2017

Currently on display a selection of artworks from the University Art Collection exploring the unexpected and irrational world of the unconscious.

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Footsteps into Art Display

Published 12 May 2017

A display of artwork created by children on the Footsteps into Art project

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Saved From The Russian Revolution

Published 14 February 2017

A small display of jewellery, textiles and precious items from the Leeds Russian Archive to commemorate the centenary of the 1917 - 18 Russian Revolution.

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Future Legacies: Collections, Collecting and Artists’ Books

Published 10 January 2017

An exhibition of artists' books from Special Collections which explores thematic, visual and other formal relationships between books produced over time.

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Special Displays: From The University of Leeds MA Art Gallery and Museum Studies Students 2016

Published 18 October 2016

In October every year the Education Room becomes home to two special displays when two groups of MA students from Art Gallery and Museum Studies take over and create brand new interpretations.

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Stephen Chaplin – Sketchbooks, Drawings & Paintings 1938 - Present

Published 31 August 2016

A display of sketchbooks, drawings and paintings by the painter and art historian Stephen Chaplin (b.1934).

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Footsteps into Art Exhibition

Published 04 July 2016

A weekly changing exhibition, showcasing work created by pupils from five local schools, as part of the Footsteps Into Art project.

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Sculptor behind the Mask: Mitzi Cunliffe's work of the 1950s

Published 23 February 2016

60th celebration of Mitzi Cunliffe’s 'Man-Made Fibres' – Mitzi and the 1950s - Opens 1pm on 30th March

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Special Displays: From The University of Leeds MA Museum Studies Students 2015

Published 21 October 2015

In October every year the Education Room becomes home for two special displays when two groups of MA students from Art Gallery Museum Studies take over and create brand new interpretations.

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Published 22 July 2015

A display of multimedia artworks created by artist Philippa Troutman and poet Ian Duhig for the tercentenary of Laurence Sterne's birth.

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Published 15 May 2015

A display of artwork created in response to First World War archive material, by Leverhulme Artist in Residence, Juliet MacDonald.

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Myths, Migration and Marginalisation

Published 13 March 2015

Representations of the Romany in Art, Literature and Society

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The Art of Baking: Cake Making and Bread Baking through the Ages

Published 06 January 2015

From a cheesecake recipe dating back to 1719, to '1916 Trench Cake' and 21st Century celebrity chefs, take a peek at some gems from the Library's wonderful batch of cookery books!

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The Individual Remains: Untold Stories of the First World War

Published 16 October 2014

MA Art Gallery and Museum Studies Students from the University of Leeds unearth some of the more immediate and profound tales from soldiers serving in the First World War in this timely display.

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Sir Herbert Read’s Artistic Alliances

Published 28 August 2014

A new look at a small fragment of Sir Herbert Read's archives held here at the University of Leeds. In this new display, we focus on correspondence between artistic friends and connections.

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My Yorkshire

Published 21 May 2014

Often described as "God's own County" Yorkshire possesses such character. This new themed display takes a look at one of the nation's largest counties from a series of intimate and unique view points.

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Gather and Bind

Published 22 February 2014

An exhibition of Artists' Books

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Images of Industry

Published 04 December 2013

Industry and labour have long been a source of inspiration for many artists, but what is it that attracts them to this typically un-picturesque subject?

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Special Displays: From The University of Leeds MA Museum Studies Students

Published 16 October 2013

Presenting a duo of new displays from The University of Leeds’ MA Museum Studies programme.

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The Society of Bookbinders - International Competition winners

Published 09 September 2013

Prize-winning works in the International Bookbinding Competion, run by the Society of Bookbinders, alongside treasures of bookbinding from the University Library Special Collections.

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Re-Make the Gallery: Community Project with People in Action

Published 26 June 2013

Celebrate the Gallery's community project organised together with Leeds-based charity People in Action

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Special Project: Dreams of a Low Carbon Future

Published 26 June 2013

Wonderful utopias and dismal dystopias in a groundbreaking community project bringing together artists, designers, children and researchers

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Special Display: Pleasure in Illuminated Manuscripts

Published 11 June 2013

Rare manuscript treasures on display to celebrate the annual International Medieval Congress held at the University of Leeds

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Prints by Eric Taylor (1909-1999)

Published 08 May 2013

Eric Taylor's elegant prints in the Gallery's Education Room

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Herbert Read and Artists' Books

Published 27 February 2013

Artists, books, and artists' books in Sir Herbert Read's fascinating library

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'Visions of Angria': The Creativity of the Brontës

Published 09 January 2013

Original manuscripts by Branwell Brontë exhibited alongside new art inspired by his stories about Angria and other works produced by the famous siblings of Haworth.

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Special Displays Curated by MA Students in Museum and Gallery Studies 15 October - 15 December 2012

Published 18 October 2012

In October every year the Education Room becomes home for two very special displays when two groups of MA students from Museum and Gallery Studies take over and create brand new interpretations.

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Piano postcard exhibition 17 September - 13 October 2012

Published 30 August 2012

A unique collection of piano postcards created by high profile individuals to celebrate the Leeds International Piano Competition

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Home and Away 23 July - 29 September 2012

Published 29 August 2012

This "summer" the Gallery is thinking wistfully of warmer climes - holidays abroad, where the weather is fine.

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Rough Draft: Preparatory and Exploratory Sketches 14 May - 14 July 2012

Published 14 May 2012

A display about the drawing process, showing selected preparatory and exploratory sketches from the University Art Collection.

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Other Stories: Queering the University Art Collection 27 February - 5 May 2012

Published 27 February 2012

In celebration of LGBT History Month, the Gallery presents a special exhibition project with new work by Matt Smith. 27 February - 5 May 2012

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Sadler in the archives 19 December 2011 - 18 February 2012

Published 19 December 2011

The 'Sadler in the Archives' display draws from the Michael Sadler papers held in the Brotherton Library’s Special Collections and University Archive.

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MA Art Gallery and Museum Studies student displays 17 October - 10 December 2011

Published 17 October 2011

"Connecting Lives: Intimate Artworks of Bloomsbury" "Fancy a Brew? 18th Century Drinking Cultures"

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School's Out! Leeds and the 1911 Schools Strike 22 August - 1 October 2011

Published 22 August 2011

In 1911, schoolchildren across Britain went on strike.

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Inspired Ceramics from Osmondthorpe Resource Centre 23 May - 24 June 2011

Published 23 May 2011

Ceramic artworks made by customers from a local centre for people with disabilities sit alongside some of Yorkshire's most historic ceramic art.

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Visions of the Future: The Art of Science Fiction 4 April - 11 June 2011

Published 04 April 2011

A selection from the University of Leeds Special Collections illustrating the history and development of science fiction artwork

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