Leeds University Library

Customer Charter - what we expect from you

Please also see our User Behaviour Policy.

Study environments

You are expected:

  • to take care of all the Library materials you use  
  • not to talk in silent areas  
  • to keep conversation elsewhere to minimum, and keep it as quiet as possible  
  • to use a group study area if you are working in a group  
  • not to listen to music or speech on a personal stereo, laptop or other device unless you are sure no one else can hear it
  • to set your mobile phone to silent, and use the phone zones to talk on your phone  
  • not to eat or drink, except bottled water, unless in the Edward Boyle Library level 8 food and drink area
  • not to eat hot food or drink alcohol anywhere in the Library
  • not to leave belongings unattended in study spaces or at PCs as they may be required by others  
  • not to use cameras without Library staff permission  
  • not to smoke in any part of the Library  
  • not to damage or interfere with any Library equipment, including computers, printers, photocopiers and audio-visual equipment
  • not to trail cables from laptops or other equipment causing a health and safety hazard
  • to treat Library staff and others with courtesy and respect.

Membership and borrowing

You are expected to:

  • always bring your Library card when you want to enter the Library
  • never lend your card to anyone else
  • show your Library card to any member of staff who asks to see it at any time
  • inform Library staff if you lose your Library card
  • take good care of all items you borrow
  • bring borrowed material back to the Library on time.


You are expected to:

  • abide by the Library Regulations held at the enquiry desks and displayed on the Library webpages 
  • only photocopy or scan material as allowed by copyright law (see notices near the photocopiers)
  • only print or download electronic resources as permitted by the appropriate licences
  • not use Library PCs or other equipment to view, download or circulate offensive material (eg pornography).


You are expected to:

  • leave any section of the Library when you are asked to do so by Library staff
  • leave the Library immediately if the fire alarm sounds.

Enquiries, comments and suggestions

If you have any enquiries, comments or suggestions you can:

  • use the suggestion boxes or online feedback form
  • talk to a member of staff at an enquiry desk
  • talk to your department's Library representative or your faculty team librarian.