Leeds University Library

1 - 9 General

1. Use of the Library is normally permitted to registered users only and is conditional on the observance of its Regulations. All registered users are presumed to know these Regulations, which are included in the Student Handbooks and available on the Library website. These Regulations may be amended from time to time by the University Librarian.

2. Throughout the Regulations the term "Library" means all or any of the Libraries which form the University Library; the word "card" means a University of Leeds student card, staff card or library card; and, unless stated otherwise, the term "book" means any book or other material in the custody of the Librarian.

3. Any modifications of these Regulations or any special regulations applying to a particular Library are displayed in the Library concerned and on the Library website. Information about the consultation of materials from Special Collections, and for the use of various Library services, is available in the Library at the relevant service points and on the Library website.

4. The opening hours of the Library will be as determined from time to time. The hours when each Library is open are displayed at the entrance to that Library, on the Library website and in the Portal. Opening hours of particular collections or services within a Library may differ and are displayed at those collections or services and on their webpages.

5. The Librarian is authorised to levy a charge for specific services, as displayed at those service points and on the Library website.

6. The Librarian may temporarily suspend access to any part of the collection or any section of the Library at any time to facilitate work on the collections or fabric of the Library; where possible, arrangements will be made to allow users access to material they require.

7. The Librarian is authorised to suspend the Library privileges of any person and to impose appropriate penalties for breaches of the Regulations. Any action taken under this Regulation may be reported to the appropriate authorities. Any person wishing to appeal against the Librarian's decision must write to the Vice-Chancellor within 14 days of the decision, stating the grounds of the appeal.

8. Users of the Library consent to the processing of their personal data for the purposes of administrating their membership and use of the Library. This data will be retained during the user's membership or use of the Library and for up to 12 months afterwards, and will not be passed on to third parties without the user's consent except as permitted by the University's Code of Practice on Data Protection. Any person who wishes to withdraw such consent or has any queries relating to the use of their personal data should contact the Customer Services Teams' Leader.

9. The Library will send notices, including recall notices for books on loan, to the user's address known to the Library. Internal University addresses will be used for all staff and students, except that for Undergraduate students in vacations their permanent address will be used. If a user has agreed to receive communications by email, postal communications will not normally be sent. It is the responsibility of external users to notify the Library of any change of address, temporary or permanent, for receipt of their Library mail.