Leeds University Library

10 - 16 Admission

10. Members of the Court, Emeritus Professors, Life Fellows, members of staff of the University, and registered students of the University, together with any others who are, or who have privileges as, members of the University, are entitled to the use of the Library.

11. Graduates of the University, including Post Graduate Certificate of Education and Diploma students who have pursued a course of study for not less than the equivalent of one year full-time, may use the Library for academic and scholarly purposes. A fee may be charged for borrowing privileges.

12. Staff and students of Colleges of the University and institutions affiliated to it are entitled to use the Library in accordance with the terms of the agreement between their institution and the Library.

13. Members of an institution who are accorded the use of the Library in virtue of an agreement between that institution and the University (for example the Sconul Access Scheme) must conform to the Regulations of the Library subject to any modifications in that agreement.

14. Other persons may be allowed by the Librarian to read in the Library on stating the subject of their studies and on producing a satisfactory recommendation. In special cases at the discretion of the Librarian they may also be allowed to borrow books. In either case, the Librarian has the discretion to charge an appropriate fee for such privileges or for particular services.

15. Admission to closed collections is at the discretion of the Librarian and subject to the separate Regulations governing those collections; admission to them does not of itself imply permission to use other parts of the Library's collections.

16. A Library card is issued for the use only of the person named on it; it must not be lent to or transferred to or used by any other person.