Leeds University Library

17 - 29 Conduct

17. Persons using the Library should at all times carry with them their Library card, which they must show to any member of Library staff when requested to do so. Admission may be refused, or the user may be asked to leave the Library, if a valid card cannot be shown.

18. Any behaviour likely to disturb or inconvenience other users or be detrimental to the contents or fabric of the Library is forbidden. Users should respect designated silent areas and keep noise to a minimum elsewhere. Mobile telephones, personal stereos, handheld and laptop computers may only be used if they do not generate sounds audible to other users.

19. Users must not write in or otherwise damage books belonging to the Library. Any damage to, or loss of, books must be made good to the satisfaction of the Librarian.

20. All members of the Library staff are authorised to inspect any books in the possession of users leaving the Library.

21. Smoking, hot food and alcoholic drinks are not permitted anywhere in the Library. The consumption of cold food and drink is permitted in the Edward Boyle Library level 8 food and drink area. Only bottled water is permitted elsewhere in the Library.

22. Animals (other than guide dogs) may not be brought into the Library.

23. The reservation of seats is not permitted. Books and other articles left unattended for any length of time may be removed by the Library staff.

24. The University accepts no responsibility for loss or theft of, or damage to, personal belongings left anywhere in the Library at any time.

25. Users may use mains powered equipment such as laptops within the Library, but use is conditional upon the owner's acceptance of responsibility for any damage to University property caused by their equipment.

26. Users wishing to use cameras or other recording equipment in the Library should ask permission from the Customer Services Teams' Leader. External users will also require permission from the University Press Office. Users using digital cameras, personal scanners or similar equipment to copy Library materials must observe the law of copyright and not cause inconvenience to other users.

27. Users must leave the Library by closing time, immediately on hearing the fire alarm, when required to do so in an emergency, or when asked to leave by a member of Library staff.

28. Users should immediately report any accident, theft or other incident to a member of the Library staff.  Users should not behave in any way that might jeopardise their own health and safety or that of others.

29. Users must abide by the Library's User Behaviour Policy. Users contravening this policy or behaving inappropriately in any other way will be asked to desist and may be required to leave the Library. Fines may be charged for persistent unacceptable conduct.