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Classic catalogue search help

Advanced search options

The advanced search options are all accessed from the (Advanced Search) drop-down box at the top right of the Classic catalogue search screen.


Select "Classmark" (also known as shelf mark) from the Advanced Search drop-down box. Type as much or as little of the shelf mark as you want into the search box.

For example:

  • French G - 0.03
  • Civil Engineering Y
  • Yorkshire
  • Health Sciences WR 190
  • Education 371.334 MAC

Find books

Subject search

Select "LCSH subject" from the Advanced Search drop-down box.

This search is recommended for finding works about an author, a title, or a corporate body.

For example, a subject search on "Shakespeare" will find items about Shakespeare, rather than items written by him.

For general subject searching we recommend using the Keyword search.

Leeds Theses

Select "Leeds Theses" from the box at the top right of the Catalogue home screen.

The search box that appears asks you to type "theses" followed by a University of Leeds department name.

For example, searching for "theses materials" will find all theses from the Department of Materials. Some departments have had more than one name during their history.

The theses option also lets you browse theses by department.

To find theses in a particular subject area, eg "theses bible", use the keyword search.