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Classic catalogue search help

Search for items in Chinese or Arabic

When you search for items in Chinese or Arabic:

  • Internet Explorer is the recommended browser.
  • Records are in Unicode format. If records are not displayed correctly, set your browser encoding to UTF 8 (View/Encoding in Internet Explorer).
  • To perform a Boolean search, use the English words AND, OR, NOT.

Items in Chinese

You can search by keying in Chinese characters, either simplified or traditional, if you have the appropriate Chinese input software on your PC.

Alternatively, if you search using Pinyin, put a space between Pinyin syllables, except for a person's given name (eg Gao xingjian). Geographic names need not be separated (eg Guangdong).

Search results are displayed in both Pinyin and Chinese characters. About 80% of monographs in Chinese are recorded in the catalogue. This includes everything acquired after 1993 and all materials on history, language and literature.

Items in Arabic

You can search by typing the search string in Arabic if your PC is set up to do this.

The majority of Arabic books held by the Library can be searched for using either Arabic script or the romanisation. However, for a small number, only the romanisation is available.