Leeds University Library

How much it costs

You pay £10.00 towards the cost of each item you order: the charge is added to your Library record when you submit your request.

Renewal (if your item is eligible) costs £3.50.

With multi-volume works, each volume must be requested separately.

How to pay

Log in to the secure online payment service and pay with a credit or debit card.
There is no minimum amount you can pay via this service.
If you have any questions, email us.

Call 0113 343 5663 and follow the options to talk to a member of staff (core hours only).
We accept most major credit/debit cards except American Express.

Send a cheque payable to "University of Leeds".
Please write your full name and Library barcode number on the back of the cheque.

In person:
Pay at any Library enquiry desk (core hours only).
You can pay by cash, most major credit/debit cards except American Express, or cheque (with a valid cheque guarantee card).
You must pay at least £5 when using a cheque. 

By internal account code:
If you wish to pay using an internal cost code which your department authorises you to use, please enter it in the account code box on the request form. The charge will be removed from your record as the payment is processed.

Getting a receipt

When you use the online payment service, print the summary page, which will show that the charge was for a document supply request.

If you pay in person at the Library, staff at the enquiry desk will give you a receipt.

If you pay by post or by phone, we can mail you a receipt if you ask for one.