Leeds University Library

What can be digitised?

The OCR team checks each digitisation request against the list of criteria set down by the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) scanning licence.

In summary, we can scan:

  • one chapter, article or 10% of the total pages (whichever is greatest) per book/issue
  • only items owned by the University
  • books or journals published in the UK or one of the 38 approved international territories
  • books or journals from US publishers that have opted in to the licence.

We cannot scan:

  • newspaper articles
  • items that are already available in digital format (unless you can make a strong case that the current digital version is unsuitable)
  • items on the CLA's exclusion lists
  • books that students have recommended for purchase.

Scanning must be done by our "designated scanners", who are named on the University's CLA licence.

All digitisation must come through the Online Course Readings service, unless otherwise agreed with the Library's Copyright Officer.

For further information, email the OCR team

Please be aware that scans provided by Online Course Readings cannot be used to substitute for the purchase of textbooks by students.