Leeds University Library

Using the digitised items

You can use the same extract multiple times across different modules, if it is on multiple reading lists, however please do not copy material without contacting the Online Course Readings team.

Only students registered on the appropriate module may access the PDFs, but there is no limit on the number of times they can use them.

Compatibility with screen readers

We add optical character recognition to all our PDFs before mounting them online (essentially changing them from images to text-based PDFs). The results of this are not 100% accurate, but it does mean the PDFs are compatible with screen readers.

If you know of a visually impaired student on the course, please let us know when you make the request and we will try to ensure that the optical character recognition is as accurate as possible.

Removal of items from Minerva

The information we put in Minerva, the new Portal and VLE, must be relevant to its associated module(s).

We will contact you before your material is due to be used again to confirm it is all still required. If any items are no longer relevant, copyright law dictates that we have to remove them.