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The Official Journal of the European Union

The Official Journal of the European Union is the official gazette and principal source of information on EU affairs. Commonly referred to as "the OJ", it is seen as the formal source of legislative information in the European Union. It is published daily in each of the official languages of the EU.

The Official Journal is published in several parts:

  • L series
    "L" stands for "Legislation". This series contains the text of adopted EU legislation
  • C series
    "C" stands for "Communication", although the actual title of this series is "Information and notices". The C series contains a wealth of information including the opinions of the Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions; information on cases brought to, and the judgments of, the European Court of Justice and the General Court; reports of the European Court of Auditors; and Euro exchange rates. In mid-1999 an electronic sub-series began called the C E series. From this time the text of European Commission legislative proposals ceased to be published in the C series, and are now only available electronically
  • S series
    "S" stands for "Supplement". This series contains public tenders associated with the EU's public procurement legislation. This series is available electronically via the TED database.

Each issue of the L, C and S series is numbered sequentially beginning at No 1 at the start of each calendar year.

Finding the Official Journal

  • 1998 onwards: the full text of all issues in the L and C series are available via EUR-Lex. The full text of L series legislation is also available via the Westlaw database
  • 1972-1998: Print copies of the journal up to 1998 and volumes of the C series for the years 1972-1989 are kept in the Library store. You can request them through Search@Library, using the "In store - request here" link (click on the item to view the full record). The turnaround time for requests is usually a minimum of 48 hours (weekdays). All volumes published in 1972 are in French.
  • 1952-1972: the EDC has the special editions of the Official Journal covering these years, which include all the legislation in force at the time of the United Kingdom's accession. These are shelved also shelved in the Library store.

Citing the Official Journal

A citation for the Official Journal should include OJ, series, issue number, year and page number.

eg OJ L98 2004 p.29