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COM documents

COM documents, aka COM docs, are one of the largest and most significant categories of EU documentation. They are working documents of the European Commission, and as such are important sources of information on one of the key institutions of the EU.

Around 600-700 COM documents are produced each year. There are three types of document:

  • Proposals for legislation
    The majority of COM documents are the texts of formal proposals for legislation from the European Commission. "Explanatory memorandum" explaining the background and purpose of the proposal is also published
  • Communications
    These are pre-legislative consultative documents outlining the Commission's early thinking on a subject. Often called "green" or "white" papers, they are designed to seek the views and responses from interested parties as a prelude to possible legislative action
  • Reports on the implementation of policy
    These reports analyse and evaluate the implementation of existing EU laws or policies.

COM documents are numbered sequentially beginning at No 1 at the start of each calendar year.

Finding COM documents

  • EUR-Lex
    Full-text COM documents since 1999
  • Westlaw
    Full-text COM documents

Citing COM documents

A citation for a COM document should include COM, year, number, final, and date.

eg COM (2002) 714 final (11.12.2000)

COM documents that are proposals for legislation also indicate the legislative procedure the proposal will follow:

  • COD (codecision)
  • SYN (cooperation)
  • AVC (d'avis conforme)
  • CNS (consultation)
  • ACC (Article 113 (CCP))
  • PRT (social protocol).

eg COM (2003) 52 final (16.7.2003). 2003/0030 (COD)