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European Union case-law

The Court of Justice, the General Court and the Civil Service Tribunal are all EU institutions. They have no connection with the European Court of Human Rights (Council of Europe) based in Strasbourg, or the International Court of Justice (United Nations) based in The Hague.

Finding European Court decisions

  • Westlaw
  • EUR-Lex
  • Curia
    The Court of Justice website. It contains full text case law for the ECJ and the General Court and Civil Service Tribunal
  • Reports of cases before the Court
    Usually referred to as European Court Reports (ECR), they are the authoritative texts of the Court's opinions and judgements. When the General Court first began producing judgements they were bound in the same monthly volumes as the ECJ cases, but in a separately numbered sequence. However, since 1993 they have been published in entirely separate volumes.

Recent cases

Citing cases

A citation for a European Court of Justice case should include case number/date when added to the Court's register, names of the parties involved, year of judgement, ECR (European Court Reports), section I (Court of Justice), and page number at which the report starts.

eg Case C-149/01 Commissioners of Customs & Excise v First Choice Holidays plc [2003] ECR I-06289

Cases from the General Court are cited similarly except the case number has the prefix T instead of C, and the report appears in section II.

eg Case T-156/98 RJB Mining plc v Commission of the European Communities [2001] ECR II-00337