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Covid safety

The Library has limited study space available for essential use only. Please do not come to the Library unless you absolutely have to, stay at home and do not travel to campus.

Follow the public health and university guidance and keep your distance, wash your hands regularly and avoid touching your face.

Negative test result

Please use the University’s coronavirus testing facility regularly if you use our study space. Do not come to the Library if you have any symptoms of Covid-19.

Face coverings

You must wear a facemask at all times when you are in library buildings.

This does not apply if you have a medical condition that means you are not able to wear face coverings.

One-way system

There is a one-way system in place across all Library buildings. Some staircases are for going up or down only. There are give-way points and spots where you need to wait to be called forward. Look out for floor stickers and signage to make sure you’re going through the right entrances and exits, the correct staircases, and heading the right way through the one-way system.

Self-clean study desks

There are cleaning products near to all study spaces – please clean your space before you study and at the end of your session.

Only use the desk you are assigned.

No access to bookshelves

Do not browse or take books from the shelves, use click and collect to order the books you need.


We’re operating a knock and call system for toilets, so knock before you enter and be sure it’s clear before going in.


Only one person can use a lift at a time. Press the button, wait on the designated spot and make sure the lift is empty before you board.

Sanitising stations

We’ve made plenty of hand sanitiser available so you can clean your hands regularly. You should sanitise after touching door handles, lift buttons, bannisters and other surfaces.


Staff will be on hand to assist with directing you but if you have any enquiries, please contact us by email or webchat for other enquiries.