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Document Supply service

Making a request

Our Document Supply service can be used to obtain books, journals, conference papers, reports and theses that are not available at any of our Libraries. The charge is £10 per loan.

Request an item from another library.

Depending on the nature of your request, you will receive either an electronic copy or photocopy of the required pages – which you can keep – or an interlibrary loan of the whole work. Some requests are supplied for reference only and cannot be taken out of the library.

Always search the Library before making a request.

Who can request items

The following library members can use our document supply service:

  • current staff and students of the University
  • retired staff still working for the University
  • NHS staff employed by Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust who are registered with the Library.

Everyone else should ask their teaching institution or local public library about document supply and inter-library loan arrangements.

How much it costs

You pay £10 towards the cost of each item you order. The charge is added to your Library record when you submit your request.

Renewal costs £3.50 (if your item is eligible).

With multi-volume works, each volume must be requested separately.

  • Pay online.
  • Pay over the phone (call 0113 343 5663).
  • Send payment by post (make cheque payable to “University of Leeds”).
  • Pay in person at the Library enquiry desk during core hours (cash, cheque, most major debit/credit cards except American Express).

You will be given a receipt by either Library staff or from the online payments service. A receipt can be mailed upon request if you pay by post.

If you wish to pay using an internal cost code which your department authorises you to use, please enter it in the account code box on the request from. The charge will be removed from your record as the payment is processed.

How long it takes

We cannot guarantee delivery within a specific time. The majority of requests arrive within two weeks, and very straightforward requests (such as articles from major journals) may arrive within a few days.

Requests for obscure items may take several months.

If an item is proving difficult to locate we will email you to let you know.

Electronic articles can only be accessed within 30 days of delivery.


You can cancel your request, but if we have incurred a charge in processing your request then the £10 charge will still stand.

If we are unable to acquire an item then we will refund your £10 fee.

Contact the Document Supply service

If you have any questions please contact us: