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Make items available for students

Reading list progress

Our progress in checking submitted reading lists is below, last updated on 9 May 2022.

3,111 received lists
3,006 checked lists

We work through reading lists in the order we receive them, as quickly as possible.

When will you contact me about my list?

If there are any issues making material available we will let you know by using the Library Discussion panel in the reading list system. We’ll also send you an email, so you know to check your list for Library Discussion comments.

We prioritise checking any newly added items, any items tagged “Core” and chapters tagged “OCR” (Online Course Readings). Read more about our reading list process.

How can I help my students?

If your students are reporting difficulties accessing texts from their reading list in Minerva, please advise them to use Library Search to check for individual items. We may have acquired the item and created the Library Search record but not yet set up access from the reading list.

The most accurate way to search for a known book is to use the author’s surname and a significant word or two from the title. If there’s a lot of results, then you can filter by resource type, which can be limited to books or articles only (for example). You can also search for online or printed material specifically where necessary. There’s more advice in the Library Search Help pages.