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What is protected by copyright?

Any work which is written or recorded in any form, and which is original, is protected by copyright.

The work does not have to have been published to be protected.

This includes:

  • Literary works (including books and journal articles; poems and song lyrics; tables, compilations, and computer programs; letters and memos; email and webpages; diaries; letters; shopping lists)
  • Dramatic works (including plays; works of dance and mime; musical theatre; and opera librettos)
  • Crown Copyright
  • Parliamentary Copyright (House of Commons or House of Lords)
  • Musical works (scores)
  • Artistic works (including sketches, paintings, drawings, diagrams, maps, engravings, photographs, sculpture, and jewellery)
  • Computer generated works
  • Databases (collections of data which are arranged in a systematic or methodical way)
  • Sound recordings
  • Films
  • Broadcasts (TV and radio)
  • Typography of published editions (how the text is laid out on the page).

Copyright does not protect ideas, thoughts or facts.