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Digital skills

Tools for managing information

You can use digital tools to help you manage your information, notes and references. These tools can help you keep track of all the information you have and save time trying to organise it.

Manage your references using EndNote

EndNote is an online reference management tool that allows you to save and organise your references in one place.

This helps you keep track of what you have read so you can find it again easily.

You can import references from the Library search as well as from databases, or you can just type them in. EndNote then allows you to organise them into folders, attach notes if you wish and save the relevant PDF or Word document if you have it.

EndNote works with Microsoft Word so that you can insert citations straight into your work and produce bibliographies automatically.

Learn how to use EndNote.

Take and manage notes using Evernote

Evernote is an online tool that allows you to make and organise your notes and share them with others, if you wish.

In Evernote you can:

  • take notes directly
  • take photos of your handwritten notes
  • save webpages, documents and PDFs
  • create notebooks so that you can organise your notes into different topics
  • search by keyword so that you find your information easily.

Evernote works across multiple devices so it is easy to keep track of your information wherever you are.

Store and share your documents using Google Drive

Google Drive is an online tool which allows you to store and work on documents online.

It can be accessed from your PC or mobile device and syncs across all your devices so you only need to update one version of your document.

On Google Drive you can also share your documents with others and choose to let others edit your documents. This makes it particularly useful for group projects.