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Using EndNote off-campus

Manage your references off-campus

Many people want to use their EndNote library when they are away from a University computer. You can do this using:

  • Desktop Anywhere: a service provided by the IT department that allows you to access your University desktop from a personal computer.
  • EndNote Online: a web version of EndNote.

Access EndNote via Desktop Anywhere

Desktop Anywhere allows you to access the desktop version of EndNote from a computer off-campus.

More information on how to set up Desktop Anywhere is available on the University of Leeds IT website.

In order for EndNote to find the full text of an article when off-campus, you need to enter the following details under Edit > Preferences > Find Full Text:

  • Open URL path:
  • Authentication URL:

Use EndNote Online

EndNote Online is a web version of EndNote that allows you to manage and store references. It has fewer features than the desktop version.

For a more detailed introduction to EndNote Online, go to our EndNote Online guide or take a look at this Using EndNote Online video.