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Research data management policy

Anyone responsible for research data management should comply with the University research data policy.

The management of research data reflects our:

  • commitment to research excellence
  • recognition of our duty to our funders
  • appreciation of the value of our data - to us and to others.

Research data will be managed to agreed standards throughout the research data lifecycle and according to funder requirements.

Responsibility for research data management during any research project or programme lies with responsible owners such as Principal Investigators (PIs).

The University is responsible for the provision of training, support and advice on research data management.

In addition to any specific funder requirements, a data management plan must be created for each proposed research project or funding application to allow costing and infrastructure planning.

Once the project is approved the data management plan should be updated and explicitly address the capture, management, integrity, confidentiality, preservation, sharing and publication of research data.

Data management plans should take account of and ensure compliance with relevant legislative frameworks that may limit public access to the data (for example, in the areas of data protection, intellectual property, and human rights).

Where possible, researchers should seek to recover the direct costs of managing research data generated by projects from the research funder.

The PI should ensure that all relevant research data are offered and assessed for deposit and preservation in an appropriate University repository, or other national or international data service or domain repository, unless specified otherwise in the data management plan.

Any publication with supporting data in a repository will include a statement about access to that data, which adheres to data citation principles.

Data should not be deposited with any organisation that does not commit to its access and availability for re-use, unless this is a condition of the project funding or arising from other requirements.

Non-digital data assets or digital data held outside the University of Leeds data repository will be recorded in the University of Leeds data registry.

Research and Innovation Board will be responsible for reviewing and updating the policy.

The University recognises the following benefits of implementing this policy:

  • support for the re-use of data
  • recognises publicly funded data are a public good, of value for current and future generations
  • improved data integrity, security and access management
  • opportunities for further research collaboration
  • improved research reproducibility and validation
  • further development of research skills
  • the ability to cite data as a publication
  • improved institutional research reputation
  • improved relationship with research funders.

This plan is in effect from June 2015.