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Video: why make your own recordings?

Sharing your work

  • Mediasite is a quick and easy way for you to make and publish videos related to your academic studies or University experience. You can easily upload and edit your content and promote it to University members via VideoLeeds. You could share presentations, screencasts or videos of practical demonstrations, interviews or end of degree shows.

Making connections

  • Uploading a video of what you are working on can help you make connections with others interested in the same area at the University or beyond. Video can be a great networking tool, and a way of sharing your research or ideas with others.

Your digital profile

  • Publishing videos can help to boost your online profile, creating a positive and professional presence in the digital world. This can help when you are applying for jobs or courses.


  • Some of your modules might require or suggest that you make a video or audio recording as part of assessment, or as preparation for seminars. Mediasite makes this easy to do and share with your lecturer and / or the other students on your module.

Presentation practice

  • If you have to give a presentation as part of your studies, creating a video and re-watching it can help you to improve your content and delivery. 


  • Making your own personal video recordings while you revise can help you to retain information more effectively, and is an alternative way of keeping notes.


  • Using the Mediasite software you can make narrated presentations, where you create a voiceover alongside slides, images or anything else you wish to show on screen.