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The Library website is changing. Our new website will go live at the start of semester 2.

Video: publishing and sharing

You can publish your videos to the University's shared video site, VideoLeeds.

Using VideoLeeds means you have control over your videos and who views them. As you publish your videos, you decide who to make them available to. This could be to one other person or to selected staff and /or students in the University. Alternatively, it could be to all staff and students in the University or you could make it public so that anyone in the world can watch it.

Remember to be cautious about what you publish, making sure that you do not infringe copyright. Check the Library website for copyright information.  

The University has a policy on recording audio and video (PDF) which ensures that anyone recorded is given notice of this and can opt out if they wish to.  The policy includes forms which you can use if you are going to make recordings of others. 

Finally, it's important to make sure that anything you share online reflects well on you personally, as it will form part of your online profile now, and in the future.