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Targets and service standards

We've established a set of targets for our core services and monitor them regularly.

Our targets for 2018/19 relate to:

The data below is for the academic year 2018/19.

Customer satisfaction

Target: We will achieve at least a 90% satisfaction rating on Question 19 in the National Student Survey "The library resources (eg books, online services and learning spaces) have supported my learning well"
Achieved: 93%

Opening hours

Target: We will be open for at least 99% of our advertised staff service opening hours, during semester or term-time.
Achieved: 100%

Enquiries and feedback

Target: We will acknowledge all feedback, enquiries and complaints within one working day (100%) and aim to resolve at least 90% of these within three working days.
Acknowledged within one working day: 100%
Resolved within three working days: 95%

Target: We will achieve at least 90% satisfaction with responses to enquiries, feedback and complaints.
Achieved: 95%

Access to resources

Some of our targets for access to resources were not met this year. Unplanned power outages and changing our library management system meant that systems were unavailable, which affected our performance.

Target: 80% of books on reading lists will be on the shelves or online within 4 weeks (provided the lists have been submitted by the advertised deadline and the items are available to purchase).
Achieved: 85%

Target: We will ensure that at least 90% of returned items are available to customers within 24 hours.
Achieved: Brotherton, 96%; Edward Boyle, 75%; Health Sciences, 92%; Laidlaw, 82%.

Target: We will ensure that 90% of available items held in Library stores will be accessible within 48 hours of a request being made, Monday to Friday.
Achieved: 92%

Target: We will process at least 90% of document supply requests within three working days of receiving the request.
Achieved: 100%

Academic skills

Target: We will achieve at least 90% positive rating on our timetabled teaching sessions and organised drop-in clinics on the following question: "Do you think what you have learned on the session today will be useful to you in the future?
Achieved: 98%