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Library strategic plan

To provide outstanding student opportunities and support internationalisation

Libraries play a significant role in the journey of every student. There is evidence that students do best when they take advantage of all the opportunities the university library offers them: quality study space, relevant resources alongside advice and training. Our information resources are outstanding in all disciplines. Our libraries offer flexible spaces where students can learn either through individual study or collaboratively, sharing ideas and solving problems. Increasingly students interact in virtual learning spaces as well as in our physical libraries. They expect to be able to access information electronically, anytime, anywhere. Our aim over the next five years will be to map the varied pathways students take to becoming independent learners and to explore how our services and our study spaces can be tailored to their changing needs. Our challenge will be to maintain the quality of our services as the student population grows and as we attract increasing numbers of overseas students.

Understanding how the library impacts on the journeys of our diverse range of students from learner to independent researcher

Establish a longitudinal study of the use of the library by undergraduate students

Identify key customer groups and implement a programme of customer journey mapping activities

Explore the needs of international students across a range of disciplines, ensure our offer is appropriate and promote those services effectively

Work with other services to ensure a ‘joined up’ approach to student support

Explore the needs of off-campus students and those studying distance learning courses, refine current services, define new services and promote services where appropriate

Providing a framework for developing teaching of academic skills and information literacy for all taught students

Create resources for postgraduate students on academic and employability skills topics, for delivery through interactive, short-form e-book and other platforms, in collaboration with other services and with White Rose partners

Link our support and resources with LeedsforLife and through the Higher Education Achievement Record

Increase our support for students developing digital literacy skills in line with the University Digital Literacy Strategy

Expand the opportunities for students to develop research and academic skills associated with our Special Collections

Define and promote the Library offer in support of students working on peer education and support (including Peer Assisted Student Sessions/Peer Assisted Learning) schemes within schools

Developing study spaces, physical and virtual, that underpin innovation in pedagogy and support diverse learning styles

Using the 2016 Space Plan define and assign priorities and establish a programme of individual projects focussed on the Health Sciences Library and the Brotherton Library for which funding can be secured

Identify and implement technologies needed to support changing pedagogies e.g. blended learning, flipped classroom, virtual 1:1s, webinars

Extend the VLE Service to support distance learning programmes, enabling the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) to be used as the online delivery platform

Identify and implement options for more effecting embedding of Library resources/services (Skills@Library, Special Collections, etc...) in the VLE.