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How will my Library use change?

We’ve looked for ways that the new system can improve and simplify the experience of using the library for staff and students. We’ve taken the opportunity to review a lot of our current processes. We thought about what works and what doesn’t, and discussed the changes with staff and student representatives.

These changes will happen in the week beginning 15 July 2019.

More books for everyone

We will increase the number of books you can borrow – staff and students will have up to 50 items for a guaranteed 7 days.

We’ve based this change on borrowing and requesting data. We looked at our different categories and saw we could simplify the number of different categories and loan entitlements significantly.

This will raise the level of service for all and make it easier to understand how to use the library.

Keep the book as long as you need it, until someone else requests it

We’ll keep on renewing your due date until you’re ready to return the book. If someone requests it you’ll have seven days from the request to return it.

When you take out a book, the initial loan period is 7 days (apart from items in the High Demand Collections). We’ll automatically renew the book, so if you log into your library account the due date will always be 7 days away. This will continue until you’ve finished with the book and return it, or until someone else requests it. As soon as a request is placed, we’ll email you to tell you that you have 7 days to return the book. If you have finished with it and can return it earlier than 7 days, you’ll increase the net happiness in the world and build up good library karma points.

This will make life simpler as you won’t need to remember when your books are due back, or renew your books every couple of weeks. It also increases the time you have to return the book, which will mean fewer fines for late returns, especially if you are here part-time. We’ll send you fewer emails, but the ones we do send you will matter.

Request the book you want

If a book is on loan, you need to request it. If you don’t, it won’t come back into the library as the borrower can keep the book as long as they want.

If all the copies of a book are out on loan, request it through the Library search record. If there is more than one copy of a book, the new system is clever enough to work out which book has been on loan the longest and will contact that borrower to return it. You shouldn’t have to wait more than 7 days to collect the book.

Putting you in control of your Library search

The new Library search on our homepage will give you more options to control your search results. You can choose if you want to search by keyword, title or author, and limit your search to a particular resource type like book or thesis.

We’re also introducing a new one-click access to journal article PDFs from Library search results, making it quicker and easier to get to the full text.

We’ve done a large data clean-up to improve our catalogue data so that search results are more accurate.