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Brotherton Library transformation

Moving book and journal collections

We are beginning a large-scale project to reorganise the Brotherton Library’s shelves, after years of planning. The first phase will take place between June and September.

The plans will overhaul the current shelf organisation, providing a more coherent and logical sequence to make it easier to find books and journals. The planned layout will group subjects under new headings which will be organised alphabetically.

In this period, around 250,000 volumes will be moved. All Literature will find its home on the level 4 reading room gallery, filling the empty shelves and opening any off-limits areas. All journals held in the Brotherton Library will move into the West Building level 2 annex.

Work has already begun behind the scenes to prepare our systems for this summer’s wave of physical stock moves. Once work completes, the online catalogue will reflect new item locations.

In future phases, other floors will benefit from the grouping and reorganisation of items. Lower levels will see modern languages on level 1, with humanities grouped on level 2. Classics will be available in the round reading room. Creative arts will encompass art, communication studies, music, textiles and theatre on level 2 of the West Building.

We will be on hand to retrieve items on request while this work takes place.