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Elsevier negotiations

Academic support and involvement

What you can do

Attend an Elsevier Town Hall meeting to learn about the context of these negotiations and discuss the implications for us here at Leeds.

Keep up-to-date with the progress and outcomes of the negotiations through Library news, Twitter @UoLLibrary and through these webpages.

Tell us your views (MS Form) about these negotiations and open access publishing. We are keen to hear your views so that the University’s contribution to the negotiations fully represents the interests of researchers in all disciplines and roles.

Raise awareness amongst colleagues by discussing the negotiations and directing them to these webpages.

Academic support has been crucial to achieve a suitable deal elsewhere, such as in the Netherlands and at the University of California. This has taken various forms including boycotts of Elsevier, resignation from editorial boards and refusal to engage in peer review. Please let us know if you would like to support in this way.

Open access: part of a more open research culture

In a recent article for Research Professional News, Nick Plant (Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research and Innovation) makes the case for a more open research culture, and sees an opportunity to move closer to this with a more equitable and sustainable publishing model.

Research funders driving change

We now have the new UKRI open access policy, which follows the lead of Plan S and Wellcome and requires full and immediate open access of research outputs. We hope this will provide more impetus for publishing models to be less exploitative of public funding and resources, and fairer and more sustainable for academia and the public good.