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Elsevier negotiations

Time for a new deal infographic

Elsevier time for a new deal infographic


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Elsevier: time for a new deal

The UK needs a fair and sustainable approach to open access publishing. Negotiations for a fair and sustainable national UK read-and-publish Elsevier deal are underway.

The problem

Researchers write and peer review articles for free (paid for by research grants and universities – public funding). Publishers contractually oblige authors to sign over their copyright in the work. University pay to access and read journals. Pay again to publish open access in the same journals. Journall subscription prices increase every year by more than inflation. Publishers can increase charges to publish open access arbitrarily.

Open access is the future, here now

Research funders, such as UKRI, increasingly insist that the research that they fund is immediately available open access, for the public good.

Elsevier alone

Elsevier is the only major academic publisher not to provide integrated contracts for read-and-publish access to journals to further the transition to fully open access publishing.

UK Research impact

UK publishes 7% of global research outputs. UK research outputs are 14% of the world’s most highly cited publications.

UK and Elsevier in numbers

20% of total UK research output is published with Elsevier.

The Lancet and Cell Press: two of Elsevier’s “big titles”

UK research outputs account for 24% of total citations in these journals, and 6% of their total content.

Elsevier cost snapshot 2020

The UK education sector paid £50million for read-only access to Elsevier journals.

University of Leeds paid £1million for read-only access and a further £300,000 in article charges to publish open access.

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