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New reading lists system

A new reading lists system is being rolled out in 2022, to replace the Minerva Reading Lists Tool. This will affect the way that tutors create and update reading lists, and change the look and feel of how reading lists work, but shouldn’t have much impact on how students use the lists to find their key texts.

Why is this change happening?

Minerva is being upgraded in June 2022 to a new version of the Blackboard platform. The University’s current reading list system will not be supported after this change and so work is underway to migrate to a new reading list tool that is compatible with the upgraded Minerva system.

What will be different for me and my students?

The Library is working to minimise disruption for tutors and students. Current processes will remain largely unchanged, as the principles of the existing system work well.

Tutors will create and update their lists within the new system by following a link within Minerva, including marking items for digitisation. The Library will make reading materials ready for teaching and digitise requested readings.

Students will access the new system through the same route as they do now, by clicking on the reading list link within their module area in Minerva. There will no longer be a secondary route of access via the lists on the library website, as this is being retired.

The new system also provides functionality that will allow us to improve the reading list experience for tutors and students including:

  • usage information for items on reading lists
  • ability to progressively release content week-by-week
  • mobile app functionality.

What do I need to do?

You should continue to create and update your reading lists via the current reading list system until Friday 13 May 2022. There will be a freeze on adding new content so that the lists can move to the new system from the first week of June.

We will migrate your existing lists to the new system for you. Any updates made to lists on the existing system before 13 May will be transported across to the new tool as part of this migration.

Full training will be provided for academic staff from June 2022 and online guidance will also be available.

Students taking modules from Semester 1 of the 2022/23 academic year will access their reading list via the new system within Minerva.

How can I feed into this process?

We are keen to tailor the new system as closely as possible to the requirements of our tutors and students. To help us do this, you can provide feedback on your experiences with the current reading list system by answering a short questionnaire. There are just four quick questions and you will help us to shape our reading list processes at Leeds:

Take me to the Reading list feedback form