Leeds University Library

Guidelines for Library representatives (staff)

Your role as Library representative

As Library representative you are  a key channel of communication between your school (or department or faculty) and the Library. This communication is both ways - you keep your school informed on Library matters and you keep the Library informed about relevant aspects of your school. You represent to the Library the interests of your school. Large schools may have more than one Library representative.


Library representatives from all schools are invited twice a year to a meeting chaired by a member of the Library Leadership Team. This is an opportunity for you to give feedback to the Library about Library services, Library strategy and new developments. Library representatives meetings minutes and papers are available (on campus only).

Key areas of involvement

  • Attending meetings as above
  • Circulating information to your school where appropriate, for example information on new or proposed Library services, forthcoming Library events
  • Encouraging colleagues in your school to submit reading lists to the Library at the appropriate times
  • Encouraging colleagues in your school to submit suggestions for new materials that the Library might purchase, and assisting the Library in prioritising these where appropriate
  • Providing advice and assistance with the development and  maintenance of collections.  This includes working with colleagues to assist the Library in reviewing subscriptions, usually on an annual basis.  It also may include reviewing the physical space allocated to specific collections with the Library
  • Informing the Library about any developments in your school that could impact on the Library (for example, new research areas or new courses)
  • Feeding back any areas of concern or suggestions from your school to the Library.

Communications about and between meetings will be mainly by email.  Please use our single point of contact, library@leeds.ac.uk, and your enquiry or suggestion will be passed on to the most appropriate team.