Leeds University Library

Comparison of handwriting

The bulk of the notebook consists of the experimental records (in pencil) of the angular and intensity (ionisation) measurements made with the X-ray Spectrometer, together with fragmentary notes of the experimental conditions and problems - the setting of the X-ray bulb (tube), the positioning of the anti-cathode (target), the ionisation chamber receiving slit widths; the spectra from different targets and the particular crystal faces examined. The hand-writing of William Henry Bragg (WHB) and William Lawrence Bragg (WLB) is (in general) quite distinct: that of WHB is smaller and neater and that of WLB larger and with greater flourish, as can be seen from the comparison in figures 4a and 4b.

The pages 1 - 101 are numbered and some are dated: p1 July 16 1913 (WHB); p2 July 17 (WHB). On p4 is a note in WLB's hand-writing: "these pages 4-12 contain results of previous experiments made in March 1913". This note, clearly added later, appears to be erroneous because p6 is dated April 8th, evening (WLB) and p9 is dated Jan 9th 14 [1914?] (WHB). Pages 4-11, in WLB's hand-writing, record data for rock-salt (using different bulbs) and quartz (no reflections obtained) whereas p12, and subsequent pages, are in WHB's hand-writing and record data for diamond. Hence the note presumably should refer to pages 4-11.

Then the dated pages run: p27 July 27 (WHB); p37 Sept 3 (WHB); p40 Sept 4 (WHB); p68 Sept 22 (WHB); p78 August 1st (WLB) - i.e. except for the last entry, chronologically.